Going Local

How REALTOR.ca Stays Number One

June 12, 2019 2:00 PM
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June 12, 2019

Justin Wah Kan

Associate Director

Pierre Calzadilla

VP Growth
Local Logic


A bi-weekly webinar series hosted by Local Logic, to share the most effective and helpful ways to use location technology.

Join us for an engaging, fun, and extremely educational conversation between our very own Pierre Calzadilla and Justin Wah Kan from REALTOR.ca


The future of real estate is intrinsically tied to data. Unlike any other time in history, we can now observe the world around us in a new way. Artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms crunching terabytes of data are being applied across every industry—especially real estate. Join us as we explore real world applications of data, and data visualization, to the real estate industry.

These webinars are for; brokers, real estate companies, urban planners, web developers, lenders, journalists, and more. Each program will be approximately 30 minutes, with additional Q&A.

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Justin Wah Kan

Overseeing REALTOR.ca for over 7 years, Justin is a product leader who knows how to get exceptional results in the real estate industry. Justin is a strategic thinker, who lives and breathes technology, and is always driven to improvement.

Pierre Calzadilla

I have been involved in real estate for over 18 years. I first started at a brokerage in NYC, where I sold real estate, and eventually became their first director of e-business. Then in 2006, I joined Trulia to help bring them across the US. Over almost 9 years at Trulia I enjoyed a thrilling ride as we scaled from 20 people to 1,500, IPO’d and then were acquired by Zillow Group. Since then, I’ve been advising and working with great startups including RealScout, Chewse and now Local Logic.

Going Local

We will explore the entire landscape of real estate, urban, and mapping technologies that our stakeholders are using. This is the future of understanding the lifestyle and heartbeat of any neighborhood. Buying a house or exploring the social and lifestyle attributes of a neighborhood will never be the same again.