60% of real estate value comes from location

And we know everything about every location

Neighborhood data

Quantify the impact of neighborhood on value

Location, Location, Location” is the ultimate credo in real estate. We can’t agree more. That’s why we’ve engineered products and data designed to expose a location's unique attributes. This allows you to quantify the exact impact of over a dozen criteria like parks, groceries, quietness or transit.

Efficient & insightful

Stop wasting time and missing deals

What used to take weeks to assemble, compile, cross-reference, study, and analyze now takes minutes at worst. We do all the heavy-lifting of the data collection, data analyses, and presentation. Use that time saved to uncover locations with new opportunities away from competitors. With Local Logic analytics and data you can source deals better, and close them faster.

Complete Canada/US coverage

Drive informed decisions at scale

Rest assured that we can grow with your ambitions. Our data covers all of the US and Canada, from megalopolis to remote regions. We can expose our scores and the datapoints for GPS coordinates or individual addresses.