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Increase Traffic

Grow organic traffic by 10%

Search engines reward fresh content along with consumer engagement. Local Logic’s products and Natural Language Generation technology creates rich, local, and unique experiences. Whether at the neighborhood or address level, we help attract and engage users with rich content.

Products that help increase traffic:

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Increase Engagement

Reduce bounce rates by 50%

Consumers coming to your site want to find all of the information they need to make informed decisions. Local Logic’s products bring to light key location details which impact over 50% of a home’s value.

Products that help increase engagement:

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Increase conversions

Up to 4 times more likely to convert

Get the most value out of your inbound traffic by increasing the likeliness to convert of your visitors. Our tools provide your users the “moment of truth” information they need. So they want to initiate valuable conversations with you.

Products that help increase conversions:

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Real Estate Investment and Research

60% of real estate value comes from location

Making investment decisions is hard. Local Logic brings a quantitative approach to typically qualitative information. Our APIs and datasets can be used to inform your own valuations or you can use our platform to cut down site assessments to minutes instead of weeks.

Products that help real estate investment and research:

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