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Powerful tools to expand your brand

Finally, a partner that understands your scope and your pain—with the tools to deliver the content and data you need.

As a broker, your agents need data and tools to help them stand out from the pack. You also need something that differentiates your brand and allows you to attract the top talent. You can bring our solutions seamlessly into an end-to-end experience, from search, to listing level details. 

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A partner aligned with your goals,
armed with data

You can impact your traffic and user funnel at every stage with Local Logic’s white label tools. We help you increase traffic, engagement, and conversions while remaining on brand. You will be able to leverage fresh quality data and elevate it with our robust tools. It just takes a few lines of code to completely upgrade your visitors' experience.

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Data and insights to accelerate your decisions

Bring alternative datasets that can drive up to 60% of a location's value into your projects. We help quantify those 60% and bring a quantitative approach to typically qualitative information. Our API and datasets can be used to inform your own valuations or cut down site assessments to minutes instead of weeks.

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Web Developers

Build and design easily at scale

Your clients want to look unique. But they also want to have feature-parity with their competitors. They also want you to yield concrete results.

And they want all of this done fast? Say no more. We're here to help

Our set of tools can be integrated with as few as 12 lines of codes. Partner with us to multiply your output and elevate your impact.

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Agents & teams

Enterprise-scale solutions on your budget

We have what you need to showcase your local expertise and help your clients achieve their goals. Easily bring the power of a national portal and data science tools right into your website. Our tools can also be used for your local real estate content, for sharing on social media, and integrating into your print campaigns.

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Real Estate Developers

A new ally in your site assessments

We combine thousands of datasets and make them easily available for you to make better informed decisions when it comes to your investment strategy.

Discover new areas of investments, validate your investments, or investigate the future together with our data.

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