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Provide personalization on their terms

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Local Search by Local Logic

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Easily add personalization

Satisfy the individual without playing favorites

From site to site, consumers are greeted with the exact same flavorless set of options: numbers of bedrooms, type of property, price range. But a home isn’t just a set of characteristics. Consumers want a personalized and unique search experience that will highlight what matters to them. Local Search delivers this personal experience currently missing from location search systems.

Innovative UX

Surprise visitors—give them a reason to return

Visitors can select what matters to them and every result will receive a unique score tailored to their preferences. This will delight them without lowering clicks or broader engagement with your website. And while creating a new layer in a standard search is no easy task, Local Search is a turnkey product. We don’t need to receive your inventory on our servers or a complex implementation. Just add our simple code to your results page and we’ll do the rest.