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Instant, effortless, and scalable

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Creating descriptive text is a common practice for search engine optimization and improving your rankings. However, search engines have gone beyond just word count to determine a page’s quality and its rank. And while the ever-evolving algorithms remain in a black box, there are some constant truths. Search engines will look at how users engage with your page, at the freshness of the content and data, and at the quality of the text on the page. So you need to both please the search engines’ algorithms while delivering quality engaging content for your human visitors. We engineered Local Profiles to keep up with the latest changes and best practices and make it a key building block in your SEO strategy

Customizable experience

Our content, your interface, their delight

Deploying pages with quality content that performs with search engine algorithms can be a tedious and costly task. A good copywriter is not cheap and you need a certain volume of pages to yield the best results. And even there, it would take you a while to get those pages live on your website. Local Profiles offers a scalable and easy to implement process to get 100 or 100,000 pages. Thanks to Natural Language Generation, we create rich and engaging descriptive texts that are unique to every neighborhood in Canada and the US. Combined to visuals, maps, iconography, this creates a powerful experience for visitors and strong signals for search engines.

Interactive visuals and texts

Delights both visitors and search engines

Local Profiles is built with customization in mind. Easily make it your own with your fonts and colors, or by picking what is displayed on the page. Stop waiting for content creation and let us provide the search engine-friendly pages your website needs—so you can focus on other things. Are you afraid that your website will sound like competitors? We also provide options for exclusive texts to make sure your page’s content is unique.