Local Maps

Unique maps for unique people

If no two peoples are alike, why should their maps be?

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Inventive and efficient

Discover where you really want to live

Maps have become a standard on any real estate website. They help display points of interest and provide some context to visitors. However an untrained eye could miss nuances or misjudge distances. Local Maps makes it easy to surface important information and gives your prospective buyers all of the context they need to evaluate a home on their own criterias. Bring your map experience to a new evolution.

Easily add rich context

Color the world through your lens

Our heatmap technology color grades maps to offer an added layer of context to visitors. Easy to use and understand, prospective buyers can decide what matters to them and uncover new opportunities that match their tastes or needs. Not only are Local Maps users delighted by this new personalized interaction, but they also expand their initial search radius by 40%. This gives you more opportunities to engage and convert them.

Easy to use and install

Get immediate benefits

It just takes a dozen lines of code to bring the Local Maps experience to your website. Our heatmap layer can be loaded on many map technology providers like Google, Mapbox, ESRI, Leaflet… It includes over a dozen options of lifestyle layers such as quietness or vibrancy; but also amenities layers like proximity to transit or coffee shops. Visitors can combine any of those layers together to get a unique experience that matches their unique selves.