Local Content

Everything you need to know about any place

anywhere in Canada and the US

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HyperLocal Content

Precise data at the scale that matters—yours

The classic saying is that only three words matter in real estate: “Location, location, location”. We can’t agree more. This is why, over the last 5 years, we developed Local Content while working with some of the top portals in the US and Canada. Display amenities like transit and schools, qualitative location data like quietness or vibrancy, alongside over a dozen scores in an interactive and easy to understand experience

Performance Increase

Make the most out of your traffic

Without Local Content, your visitors have to resort to things like Google Maps or Yelp to find the information they want and need about the surroundings of your inventory. Stop bleeding traffic and embed all of the hyperlocal context where it’s needed most. Over the last five years, Local Content proved to reduce bounce rates while increasing conversion rate. With Local Content by Local Logic you will deliver hyper-local content to your audience providing a complete, refreshing experience for making decisions

Embedded white-label experience

Not another cookie-cutter technology

The content is local on your page, and provides your visitors with the context they need to make a decision. Local Content is customizable to your brand look and feel. Need a more unique experience? We can help craft it with limited work and no extra expense.

Easy to install

Scalable and customizable in just 12 lines

It just takes one snippet of code to add a precise interactive location map to your pages. Display location qualities like quietness or vibrancy, or even amenities like access to transit and schools. With over a dozen scores to interact with, your visitors will be transported right into the neighborhood from their browser.