Actionable Insights that help developers answer,
"What should I build and where?"

By quantifying the attributes of the broader built environment, Local Logic’s platform is capable of delivering precise insights to help developers, investment teams, and other CRE professionals determine the best and highest use of any specific asset.

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Local Analytics

Identify hidden opportunities with Local Analytics

Get location-specific intelligence driven by consumer demand and property-level data.

De-risk your decisions

Instead of gut-driven decision making, leverage accurate and insightful data that is specific to the property or project you’re looking to build.

Optimize your unit mix

Analyze zoning, site assessments, and market data anywhere in North America—all in a matter of minutes.

Harness artificial intelligence

Using machine learning and non-standard data sets, you will stay ahead of the competition and make better decisions that minimize risk and maximize investments.


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Identify hidden opportunities
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Early adopters are raving about it

"When using Local Analytics, we were able to cut down our research and the initial site evaluation process from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 hours. This saved us a significant amount of time and resources, and allowed us to focus on our efforts on the right things"

Jean-Christophe couËt
Groupe Selection

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