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Local Content

Maps like you've never seen before

Our premiere toolkit which brings precise terabytes of data for every home in Canada and the US. Our 17 proprietary and unique scores give a precise and easy-to-read rating for a home. So that prospective buyers can immediately understand if that location best meets their needs.

Seamless integration with rich listing level data delivers answers where needed. Customize easily to your own brand and colors.

Proven to increase conversion and engagement.

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Local Profiles

The best picture of your neighborhood

Creating local pages is a key SEO strategy for any website that wants to attract visitors and generate deals.

Instant, effortless, and scalable solution to create neighborhood pages—delivered by API.

Local Profiles brings our data to the neighborhood level. Our rich layers of data help your users understand the best traits of any neighborhood.

Combines interactive visual and descriptive text that delights both visitors and search engines.

Stop creating pages for SEO’s sake. Make them for users while keeping the ranking rewards.

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Local Maps

If no two people are alike, why should their maps?

Macro level lens to explore any city, state, province and hone in on areas of opportunity, or that specifically match your needs.

An easy to use map layer that brings color and content to your maps in a new inventive and useful way.

For prospective buyers or investors, easily identify the places that match their needs while saving energy and time.

Proven to increase conversion and engagement.

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