New feature allows your clients to search by location characteristics

Posted by Local Logic on Jul 19, 2017 11:27:14 AM


It's here: Your clients can now search for properties that fit their lifestyle

Displaying Local Logic’s location scores is a proven way to qualify leads, and it works great. But we thought: why stop there? And we decided to take it to the next level.

You and your clients have been asking for it, so we built it: in addition to pricing and housing characteristics, you can now add location characteristics to your search engine.


Users select the location and housing characteristics they care about.

Your clients can search by location characteristics and get a personalized score for their search resultsThis is an example of what a family looking for a place in an urban environment might look for.


In just 200 milliseconds (a little over “a blink of an eye”, literally), we can search 30,000 listings and provide a personalized score for how well each property matches your clients’ search parameters. We can then display location characteristic highlights for each listing, to help your clients sort through which properties will fit their lifestyle best. Lastly, you can sort and filter the search results based on your clients’ location preferences to ensure that recommended listings end up on top.

Your clients can search by location characteristics and get a personalized score for their search results

With this new search function, your clients will save time AND convert faster. Everyone wins!

To find out how to get your clients searching in style:

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