Our North-american expansion accelerates

Posted by Local Logic on May 30, 2017 1:55:09 PM



Throughout 2017, Local Logic will be constantly expanding its data coverage across North-America. Our services are now available in the Top 100 US cities, and cover 84% of the Canadian population. Not only is our product available in more cities, it is also providing more information with its in-depth transit data. 

Expanding our data coverage

Local Logic's location insights are now available in over 250 cities!

From Anchorage, AK to Miami, FL and St-John, NL, to Los Angeles, CA, our data can now inform home seekers on the location characteristics of any address.

Check out our website to see if our services are offered in your city.

Enhanced Transit Information

"How far are nearby bus stops?"

"Can I use the train for my morning commute?" 

These are questions homeseekers are asking themselves, and for which information is not readily available. Local Logic's widget now provides all this information for every listing!

Our transit score now includes information on:

  • the closest transit stops;
  • the transit lines served by each stop;
  • the walking time to each stop.

 Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.16.39 PM.png


Are you more of the visual type? Our transit data is also available for display on any map! The detailed transit information allows your customers to easily understand what their new commute would look like. Don't force them to go elsewhere to answer their questions - instead, make sure you have all the location insight they need on your website!  




Sign up now to request a demo on your own site! For more information on how to implement our widget, contact us at sales@locallogic.co. Implementation only takes a few minutes!

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