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Provide Local Insights with our Brand New Neighborhood Profiles

Posted by Local Logic on Aug 10, 2017 11:12:28 AM

We have to confess: as city nerds, we’re obsessed with location data, and we spend our days (and sometimes our nights) coming up with new ways of generating location insights. We have received a lot of praise for our Location Scores, but far from making us rest on our laurels, this has encouraged us to keep innovating.

We’re very proud to launch our latest product, the Neighborhood Profiles, which drives search traffic by improving the SEO of your listing or landing page. With this solution, you can also expect higher conversion rate by allowing your clients to gain the neighborhood level insights they’re looking for without having to leave your website.


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Comprehensive, Up to Date, Essential Location Data

Our profiles provide original content at the borough, neighborhood or city level. The content includes text descriptions, a 0-5 evaluation for each Location Score, and a paragraph summarizing transportation options, the services present in the area, and the character of the area. It may also include neighborhood-specific highlights such as the number of restaurants, and the names of famous parks and landmarks.


Curious to see what our Neighborhood Profiles look like?

Here are a couple of examples - from Montréal, our home town:

Transportation section, Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal


...and San Francisco: 

Character section, Russian Hill, in San Francisco


These short but comprehensive descriptions give a snapshot of a neighborhood or city by using our proprietary Location Scores and unique dataset. They can also indicate how an area compares to the city as a whole - or to other cities.


Fast and Easy Implementations

Similar to our Location Scores, Neighborhood Profiles can be displayed through a widget, a product that is integrated to your listings or landing pages in less than 10 minutes, with just two lines of code! If you are unsure what a widget looks like or what it does exactly, you can gain more insight here.


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