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Local Content Widget Update: What's in it for you?

Posted by Local Logic on Nov 9, 2017 9:43:12 AM

Our research on the influence of location characteristics on a homebuyers' decision to choose a real estate website has shown that 80% of them look for neighborhood data. By showing this local content data, our partners have seen a 36% increase in their lead conversion. The tremendous importance of location data for real estate websites is no longer the well-kept secret it used to be!

With more and more clients benefiting from our location information, we now have data on millions of interactions with our solution every month. This makes it much easier to know what users want and improve our solution accordingly. Armed with this insight, we decided to focus our efforts on increasing user engagement and mobile responsiveness. Read on to find out how our new design addresses these two challenges, and allows our clients to save money!

Enhanced customer experience

We repackaged our location information to increase customer engagement on your website:



Here’s a summary of the main design improvements:

  • To improve readability, we moved the icons and labels to the left hand side of the map
  • The new 10-point scale and graded color coding make location scores more intuitive
  • Scores are listed from the highest to the lowest to quickly highlight what’s great about each listing
  • Score information is more compact and easier to read
  • Our data showed that buyers weren’t aware they could interact with the widget to situate points of interest on the map, so we made the points of interests easier to locate and we highlighted them in both the list and the map


Try it today

100% responsive

Although buyers aren’t yet ready to close a home on their phone, they’re definitely searching for them on it! Our usage data showed that our widget was valuable for mobile users, so we decided to improve it:


Always starting with the list view of the scores, we added the ability for buyers to get more local insights through a map view. Preliminary results show that buyers are interacting with both the list and the map on their phones, which tells us we’re on the right path!

BONUS: free map

With the Local Content Widget on your site, you don’t need to pay for any other map. Our partner Esri's map comes with the Widget. The flexibility of this new map will allow us to add more exciting features in the next few months - stay put!


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