[City Data] Number of homebuyers searching for francophone schools in Toronto is 4.4x higher than expected

Posted by Local Logic on Nov 30, 2018 4:09:58 PM


French services usage in the Greater Toronto Area Recently, services and protections for francophone minorities in Ontario have been cut, including the abandonment of a project to build a French university in Toronto.  We were concerned and decided to look deeper into the situation. 

As a real estate data company, we help homebuyers find the right house that matches their lifestyle and needs, so we have a very good understanding of the demand for different services across Canada.  Our research team analyzed data on what elementary and high schools people were searching for when looking to find their home in Toronto, in order to assess if there is a high interest in attending French schools in Ontario

What we found out was, proportionally, French schools are 4.4 times more sought after than English Schools

This indicates that French schools are not only serving minority populations, but there is also a lot of interest from anglophones to attend French schools in the GTA.



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