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[Opinion] On the "Tinderization of Real Estate"

Posted by Aron Korenblit on Dec 17, 2018 9:14:00 AM


I had just finished reading the Atlantic’s article on Millenials’ “Sex recession” when Notorious Rob’s “Tinderization of Real Estate”popped into my inbox. In it, Rob draws a parallel between online dating and real estate.

His thought process, distilled, goes like this:

  1. The dating world has migrated almost exclusively online by way of Tinder and That would have been preposterous 10 years ago, so if something as important as finding your life partner moved online, why wouldn’t real estate transactions do the same?

  2. It’s now become almost “weird” to approach people offline. Extending the analogy, could the real estate industry migrate so heavily online that the in-person world of real estate (referrals, clubs, etc.) goes into the wastebasket?

  3. Winners in the online dating world are those who are already favoured in the offline world. So who will win in the online-real-estate-world? The answer: agents are already considering the advantages of online leads (and the platforms that enable the migration).

I love Rob’s blog. It’s a great source of long-form insights on the real estate industry.  As a millennial Tinder user who works in real estate, I thought it would be useful to add my thoughts on his post.

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[Opinion] 5 Things Zillow Should Know About Canada

Posted by Aron Korenblit on Dec 11, 2018 2:59:13 PM

Since Zillow has hit the 50K listing milestone and is growing its Canadian footprint, we thought we’d welcome them to Canada with a helpful primer on Canadian real estate.

Yes, it’s cold up here and we  sure love our hockey. But winter-related cliches aside, there are some important differences between the Canadian and American property landscapes.

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[Marketing] A breakdown of's search experience

Posted by Aron Korenblit on Nov 30, 2018 2:41:43 PM

About Sotheby's Realty International Canada

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada is the leading international real estate sales and marketing company for the country’s most exceptional properties. With offices in over 30 residential and resort markets nationwide, and a global affiliate sales network of over 970 offices in over 72 countries and territories, the international sales and marketing company showcases every property it represents, regardless of neighborhood or price point, on a premier, global digital and publications network.

Their listings include a wide range of home styles, including houses, condos, townhomes, villas and more. They also specialize in matching lifestyle choices to home purchasing decisions, such as waterfront, golf, island, equestrian, ski and much more.

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[Product] Why Filtering by Location Characteristics is a Bad Idea

Posted by Aron Korenblit on Nov 12, 2018 4:33:25 PM


It’s a question I’m often asked:

“Hey Aron, can we give our customers the option to search for properties by location characteristics, like 8/10 on quiet or 5/10 on cafés?”

If you’ve already heard my monologue on why this is a bad idea, I apologize in advance. For those who haven’t, and are considering it, here are three reasons why we strongly recommend against it.

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